Curtain Call

All About AHole Moms

(<---None of those people over there are us)

Hey hey everyone!  We are a couple of father fu....I mean moms who decided to get together and record us talking about all the things that rattle around in our heads on any given day, like, "why is there a tutu on a dog?" and, "wait, we don't have a dog"....You know, that motherflipping thing called motherhood.

We don't dadscriminate though! We do have dads on and love just chatting about parenthood in general! 

We are:
Trai Dagucon - Mom, Wife, Nurse, Taxi Driver, Butt Wiper, Laundress, The Manager, Beer Drinker, Sister, Lizard lover (not a euphamism) - basically your normal soccer mom with white hair, tattoos, and peircings. For more visit:

Kris Galasso - All the same as above but even more kids and more badassery.  (She hasn't given me her blurb so I've made one up).

THE Sam C. Jones  - yes, THE is intentional. He's THE Editor Extraordinaire!  Without him, we would sound more like ourselves and less like - well - not us.  He is an actor-musician in the DC area. For more info on his work please visit